Advanced Programme Mathematics is an optional extra IEB subject offered at many independent and government schools. It is not on the list of approved subjects for the National Senior Certificate at present, and therefore does not contribute toward a university entrance score. However, for pupils wanting to study Mathematics at a tertiary level, it exposes them to some of the first-year content, and provides them with opportunities to use higher-order mathematical processes to solve and pose problems creatively and critically.

The following are some of the career fields that require the use of high-level Mathematics:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Operations Research
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Economic and Industrial Sciences
  • Movie and Video Game Special Effects
  • Engineering
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Theoretical and Applied Physics
  • Statistical Applications
  • Academic Research, Lecturing and Teaching in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics

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The Advanced Programme Mathematics curriculum consists of two modules:

Core module

Algebra and calculus

Compulsory, 2-hour paper in the final examination, consisting of 200 marks

Elective module

Statistics, mathematical modelling or graph theory and matrices

Pupils choose based on what the school offers. 1-hour paper in the final examination, consisting of 100 marks

The Advanced Programme Mathematics course that is currently offered by My Maths Mentor, is the online component of classes that Tammy Sales teaches at Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge twice a week. It covers most of the algebra and calculus in the curriculum, as well as the mathematical modelling module. The course will grow as the year progresses. Because the course was designed for a particular group of pupils, all references to exercises refer to the books used by Trinityhouse. All explanations and examples, however, are generic and serve as a valuable resource for clarifying and revising concepts.

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