Shayne - My Maths Mentor

Shayne Erasmus

Mentor (Bryanston, Randburg)

I am wife to an amazing man and mother to three beautiful girls. I am unashamedly biased! I have a passion for children, for their development, and for raising and enabling them to move into the world empowered and fully equipped. I love teaching them that choices matter, and that their choices will always have consequences! This teaching style, integrated with how children perceive Maths, is such a beautiful partnership.

Talking personally for a minute, I finished Cambridge A levels (Maths, Accounts) in Zimbabwe and then did my tertiary education at the University Of Miami, USA. I graduated with an International Finance and Marketing undergraduate degree, and my MBA (Masters in Business Administration), all while on a golf scholarship. What an opportunity!

Now, after a few years in-between, I have been given the privilege of mentoring students in Maths, an integral requirement for all walks of life. I instil a love for learning, a love for challenge, and a practical, hands-on approach to how students see and work with mathematical concepts. I was blessed with a few amazing maths teachers in my years of studying, and how they impacted my understanding and love for the subject was profound. My theory is that it just takes one amazing teacher/tutor/mentor to make maths a favourite!

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University Readiness

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