At My Maths Mentor we know that Maths can be a challenging subject, for many reasons. We are also aware of the frustration pupils and parents experience when many commonly sought-after solutions just don’t seem to be working. Our approach is based on the premise that underachievement in Maths is a multifaceted issue.

Common challenges

  • Maths seems foreign and difficult to understand
  • Unsatisfactory performance in Maths assessments
  • Feeling left behind in class
  • Gaps in foundational knowledge
  • Negative attitude toward Maths
  • Test and exam anxiety

Common "solutions"

  • Maths support at school
  • Study guides
  • Past paper books
  • External tutors and programmes
  • Winter school
  • Educational psychologists and counsellors
  • Change to Maths Literacy

Our approach

  • Mentoring, rather than trying to replace the teacher
  • Personalised to your learning style
  • Holistic, incorporating all our Pillars of Maths Excellence
  • Empowers you with the tools to learn and practise independently
  • Focus on overcoming Maths anxiety and gaining confidence
  • Tools to take control of a test or exam, rather than feel like a victim

Individual or group sessions

Individual or small group sessions last one hour and take place at the mentor’s place of residence or online.

Pricing options are shown below.

There is no quick road to achieving Maths excellence. We therefore encourage committing to at least five sessions.

What you need to do to get started:

  1. Email Tammy to discuss which payment package, mentor and session day and time suit your needs.
  2. On receipt of invoice, do an EFT transfer of the full package amount to confirm booking.
  3. Your mentor will send you an email with some important information: What to bring, their address and contact number, etc.
  4.  Attend scheduled sessions and enjoy your journey to competence and confidence in Maths!

Single Session

  • Price per session
  • Paid upfront

10 or More Sessions

  • Price per session
  • Paid upfront
  • Total payment for 10 sessions: R3600